Share Your Story

Welcome friend!

If you have finished reading through All The Wild Pearls, thank you for listening to my story! Now it’s your turn to be listened to...and not just by countless others as you share your “pearl” with the world one hearer at a time - but by us too! We would love to hear your “pearl” - your redemption story of how Jesus saved you and made you His priceless treasure! {But don’t worry, we promise to never re-print your story without your written permission.}
  • Your Pearl?

  • {Briefly add any other attributes you discovered in your Formation Story}:
  • {Share when and where this event took place from your Retrieval Story}:
  • {Briefly share one or a thousand of the ways you can imagine God using this—your Redemption story—and other redemptive stories to grow His family in quality and quantity!}