“Heather’s compassionate heart and vulnerability as she shares her stories are inspirational in All the Wild Pearls. Beyond being a manual for sharing redemptive moments, this is a testament to the incredible power that lies in bringing our “pearls” to the light and stepping into our worth as perfectly imperfect children of God.”

– Jessica Honegger, Founder and co-CEO of Noonday Collection, Author of “An Imperfect Courage”

All the Wild Pearls invites you to remember your own redemptive story. Heather vulnerably shares from her rugged journey toward redemption, beautifully comparing it to the making of a pearl. This is a gift from one woman’s heart to another!”

– Alice Fredricks, Staff Member for CRU since 1965, mentoring women around the world

All the Wild Pearls is loaded with Gospel hope, from start to finish. Using an unlikely agent of change (an oyster), Heather weaves Gospel themes in a beautiful way. No matter how well you know your own redemption story (or don’t), this book is both relatable and inspiring. Those who read it will benefit greatly, as Heather artfully guides readers how to capture and share their own stories – their pearls.

-Matt Murphy, Lead Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Johnson City, Tennessee

“I have always loved pearls. My first pearl was a ring that I got in high school. Years later, my husband bought a beautiful strand of pearls which I continue to treasure to this day. Until I read this book though, I was unaware of the story behind a pearl! Heather displays God’s beauty of grace and redemption through her own redemptive stories…her pearls. The bold way she shares Christ leaves me wanting to seek God’s Word and presence more in my life. Heather is also my dear friend and one of the most ‘salty – godly’ women I know. Redemption, pearls, her story, my story, your story is waiting for you in this book.”

– Sherry P. Marion, co-founder of Rise Up! Mentoring

“Heather shares her heart with honesty and conviction in All the Wild Pearls. This book is not a memoir but rather a working manual for Christian women who are yet unformed; unsure that their own story has such immense value. It is not enough to know the Gospel but to know how to look deeply and then live it out uniquely. Heather uses the imagery of the pearl to coach any brave reader to grow in understanding what a treasure she is.”

– Mary Barton Nees, MFA, Artist, Instructor and Author of “Markers – Key Themes for Soul Survival”

“Ever since the garden women have too often struggled with shame, but God sent His son Jesus so that through Him our guilt and shame would be redeemed. In All the Wild Pearls, Heather invites us on a journey where a life of hurt and pain is transformed into something beautiful & purposeful. This book offers women hope of redemption and the potential to see pearls come from their pain. This book also encourages and empowers women to not only write their redemption story, but to share it with others. In our generation we need hope of pearls and this book gives it to us!”

– Amie Spano, wife of Florida Rep. Ross Spano, Chairman of the Florida Human Trafficking Working Group

Heather is one of those storytellers who puts you on the edge of your seat, hanging onto every word. Her witty and conversational style will feel like having coffee with a dear friend. In All the Wild Pearls, she passionately and vulnerably depicts God’s weaving of joy and pain together to bring about an exquisite piece of beauty. There is courage and healing on every page, and it will leave you inspired to write your own redemption narrative.

– Cara Trantham, freelance writer for Be Still Magazine and blogger at www.caractrantham.wordpress.com